My Strange Days is a blog I’m using to share Lifestyle/Personal posts of random things in my life. Everything from recipes, book reviews, arts & crafts, tips and tricks to make cleaning easier, to my hobbies, movie reviews, random facts, shopping wish lists, health and beauty (I’m not a diva or a shabby chic). I’ll also show random photographs I take, blog links I think are interesting, helpful, insightful and maybe even I’ll share some sketches I’ve done here and there. Mostly though you’ll find mostly lifestyle posts with sneak peaks into my kitchen (which is not Home & Garden style by far).

I’m am a forty-something (late forties) who is a newly wed, no children except for a furbaby named Tux. We live in a rather small apartment which is going to be going through some repainting with some new d├ęcor as time goes on. I’ll even share the work and progress once we get going.

I hope you enjoy your visit and please stop back often.

God Bless